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TS Catering specialises in quality vegetarian cuisine, and we are determined to prove that vegetarian meals don't have to be boring, bland, or limited to "bush". We are committed to providing balanced, nutritious meals that satisfy the pickiest palates.
* Don't worry; we also provide meals for our omnivorous friends!


We are passionate about food, and believe in using the freshest ingredients, and that extra seasoning - love. 
So why us? Why come to TS Catering when there are many, many other food/catering companies and options? 
Well simply put - We don't make food that tastes good. Yes, you read that right. What we do goes beyond that - we re-train your taste buds.

We awaken them...


So give us a taste - We cater office lunches, weddings, functions, business gatherings, birthday parties, fundraisers and more. 

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